Defence of The Shrines/Personajes/Kanako Yasaka

Innate Skill: "Battle Field"
Strikes a random spot on the map every 0.75 seconds with lightning, dealing 60 magic damage and stunning for 0.75 seconds.

Kanako Yasaka
Templo moriya

24 (+2.0)


12 (+1.2)


24 (+2.8)*

Daño 47-49 Armadura 2.7
Veloc de mov 270 Rango de Ataque 600
Anim de Ataque 0.2/0.4 Anim de Casteo 0.4/0.4
Veloc de Ataque 1.7 Veloc de Misil (?) 10000


Kanako1 2.png

Divine Festival "Expanded Onbashira" (D)
Summons an Onbashira pillar on the target’s position, deals area damage and stuns enemies.
Cast Range: 600
Area of Effect: 150
Spirit Cost: 120MP
Cooldown: 13s

Level 1: Does 125 damage, 1.0 second stun.
Level 2: Does 150 damage, 1.4 second stun.
Level 3: Does 175 damage, 1.8 second stun.
Level 4: Does 200 damage, 2.2 seconds stun.

Kanako2 3.png

Mystery "Kuzui Clear Water" (F)
Release a light beam, jumps in-between. Does damage on enemies or heals allies. Cast Range: 500
Spirit Cost: 90/120/150/180MP
Cooldown: 9s

Level 1: Does/Recovers 80 damage/health. Bounces 4 times
Level 2: Does/Recovers 120 damage/health. Bounces 6 times
Level 3: Does/Recovers 160 damage/health. Bounces 8 times
Level 4: Does/Recovers 200 damage/health. Bounces 10 times

Kanako3 1.png

Rice Porridge in Tube "God's Rice Porridge" (R)
Casts a rain of shooting stars. Star does 100 damage.
Cast Range: 700
Spirit Cost: 120/150/180/210MP
Cooldown: 9/10/11/12s

Level 1: Casts 2 Stars.
Level 2: Casts 4 Stars.
Level 3: Casts 6 Stars.
Level 4: Casts 8 Stars.

Kanako4 1.png

"Mountain of Faith" (W) (toggle)
2.5 seconds channelling time. Movement is disabled for Kanako. Launches continuously random lightning bolts around Kanako. Attack speed -60%, damage is increased. Attack range becomes: 800. +5 HP/MP regen. Three new skills become available, regular skills become locked. Skill level of regular skills determines the skill level of 'Mountain of Faith skills'.
Spirit Cost: 250MP
Cooldown: 15s

Level 1: HP: +300, Attack +50%, Lightning bolt does 90 damage. Stuns for 1.0s
Level 2: HP: +400, Attack +100%, Lightning bolt does 120 damage. Stuns for 1.25s
Level 3: HP: +500, Attack +150%, Lightning bolt does 150 damage. Stuns for 1.5s

Mountain of Faith mode skills

KanakoW1 2.png
Weird Festival "Madly Dance on Medoteko" (D)
Summons several Onbashira pillars all around Kanako, deals area damage and stuns enemies.
Area of Effect: 300
Spirit Cost: 180/200/220/240MP
Cooldown: 30s
Level 1: Summons 5 pillars, does 125 damage for each, 1.0 second stun.
Level 2: Summons 6 pillars, does 150 damage for each, 1.4 second stun.
Level 3: Summons 7 pillars, does 175 damage for each, 1.8 second stun.
Level 4: Summons 8 pillars, does 200 damage for each, 2.2 second stun.
KanakoW2 2.png
Heaven's Stream "Miracle of Otensui" (F)
Heals allied units around Kanako for 4 seconds.
Area of Effect: 500
Spirit Cost: 200MP
Cooldown: 24s
Level 1: +3%HP regeneration.
Level 2: +6%HP regeneration.
Level 3: +9%HP regeneration.
Level 4: +12%HP regeneration.
KanakoW3 2.png
Divine Husk "Divining Crop" (R)
Casts lightning bolts and cyclones at the target area. Cyclones can be controlled around and have chance of blowing enemy up for 3 seconds. :Slows enemy units colliding with them within 300 radius. Lightning bolt does 200 damage and stuns for 0.3 seconds.
Cast Range: 700
Area of Effect: 280
Spirit Cost: 180/240/300/360MP
Cooldown: 20s
Level 1: Casts 2 cyclones and 2 lightning strikes.
Level 2: Casts 3 cyclones and 4 lightning strikes.
Level 3: Casts 3 cyclones and 6 lightning strikes.
Level 4: Casts 4 cyclones and 8 lightning strikes.

Girl Notes

  • Gains a Area of Effect attack with Inaba Illusion Weapon Equipped
  • "Mountain of Faith" Summoning can not be stopped, but can be moved during the summoning by other girls/effects
  • No reduced cooldown from Hakkero. Int bonus still applies.
  • Mystery "Kuzui Clear Water" can target buildings and heal/damage them. Will not bounce though.