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Kogasa Tatara
Templo moriya

22 (+1.75)


25 (+2.75)*


13 (+1.5)

Daño 54-58 Armadura 3.5
Veloc de mov 305 Rango de Ataque 180(melee)
Anim de Ataque 0.6/0.3 Anim de Casteo 0.47/0.0
Veloc de Ataque 1.6 Veloc de Misil (?) 900

BTNKogasa1.jpg Umbrella Sign "Flurry Traveler" (Passive)
Each time Kogasa succeeds 「Halo "Karakasa Surprising Flash」 she permanently gains +2 AGI and +1% movement speed. Can be maximum stacked for 30x.


Rain Sign "A Rainy Night's Ghost Story" (D)
Causes Kogasa’s surroundings to rain, lowering enemy units or building armour. Rain lasts 12s
Area of Effect: 450
Spirit Cost: 65MP
Cooldown: 15s

Level 1: Enemy units -4 Armour.
Level 2: Enemy units -6 Armour.
Level 3: Enemy units -8 Armour.
Level 4: Enemy units -10 Armour.


Monster Train "Spare Umbrella Express Night Carnival" (F)
Kogasa spins rapidly dealing physical damage. Becomes immune to all magical damage. Pressing the ESC key tells you how much damage the spin does.
Area of Effect: 300
Spirit Cost: 100MP
Cooldown: 12s

Level 1: Spins for 3.5 seconds, Does 80 damage + 0.65 x AGI per second.
Level 2: Spins for 4 seconds, Does 90 damage + 0.80 x AGI per second.
Level 3: Spins for 4.5 seconds, Does 100 damage + 0.95 x AGI per second.
Level 4: Spins for 5 seconds, Does 110 damage + 1.10 x AGI per second.


Umbrella "Super-Water Repelling Bone-Dry Monster" (R)
Uses her umbrella to block all damage. Immobile while blocking.
Also gives an agility bonus for every point into this skill.
Spirit Cost: 10MP
Cooldown: 40/30/20/10s
Agility Bonus: 5/10/15/20


Halo "Karakasa Surprising Flash" (W)
Kogasa becomes invisible but immobile. An enemy girl within 450 range gets surprised by damage and stunned for 4 seconds. If there are other enemy girls within 500 range, Surprise might fail on some targets.
Area of Effect: 500
Spirit Cost: 100MP
Cooldown: 20/16/12s

Level 1: 3s channelling required, does 150 damage.
Level 1: 2s channelling required, does 250 damage.
Level 1: 1s channelling required, does 350 damage.