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Minoriko Aki
Templo moriya

22 (+2.25)*


16 (+1.5)


22 (+2.25)

Daño 44-50 Armadura 0.2
Veloc de mov 285 Rango de Ataque 500
Anim de Ataque 0.4/0.45 Anim de Casteo 0.5/0.45
Veloc de Ataque 1.7 Veloc de Misil (?) 1400

PASDrum.jpg Passive ability: Honesty Sign "Dim-colored Reed Harvest"
Every time Minoriko levels up, all allied girls receive a small heal of 75 + (Minoriko's Level x 12).


Honesty Sign "Apple" (D)
Minoriko throws an apple at a target. If the target is an ally, they are granted healing. If the target is an enemy, the target is stunned, and they take damage as well as a further application of nova damage.
Cast Range: 600
Nova Area of Effect: 220
Spirit cost: 105/120/135/150MP
Cooldown: 11s

Level 1: Heals 100 + 2.5% of target's maximum HP, Does 50 damage and 50 nova damage to an enemy
Level 2: Heals 150 + 5% of target's maximum HP, Does 75 damage and 75 nova damage to an enemy
Level 3: Heals 200 + 7.5% of target's maximum HP, Does 100 damage and 100 nova damage to an enemy
Level 4: Heals 250 + 10% of target's maximum HP, Does 125 damage and 125 nova damage to an enemy


Cooked Taro "Sweet Potato Room" (F)
Minoriko summons a small cart of potatoes, healing nearby allies for a certain amount of HP and MP. Potato room lasts 20 seconds.
Cast Range: 500
Area of Effect to Allies: 500
Spirit cost: 75MP
Cooldown: 36s

Level 1: Heals allies for 100 HP and 110 MP
Level 2: Heals allies for 150 HP and 130 MP
Level 3: Heals allies for 200 HP and 150 MP
Level 4: Heals allies for 250 HP and 170 MP


Autumn Sign "The Autumn Sky and a Maiden's Heart" (R)
Creates a link between ally girls and Minoriko. Distributes damage and Minoriko takes some damage for them.
Cast Range: 800
Area of Effect: 1000
Spirit cost: 150MP
Cooldown: 20s

Level 1: Division distributes 8% damage
Level 2: Division distributes 16% damage
Level 3: Division distributes 24% damage
Level 4: Division distributes 32% damage


Plenty Sign "Owotoshi Harvester" (Passive)
Increases Minoriko and all her allies strength
Area of Effect: 900

Level 1:STR +7
Level 2:STR +14
Level 3:STR +21

Girl Notes

  • 'Apple' cannot be used to heal Genji or Hisoutensoku.
  • The 20s duration on 'Sweet Potato Room' is NOT the heal duration, but presence of the cart. Each girl or unit can benefit once from the effect and has to do this before the cart expires. Once the heal is received, they cannot re-heal unless a new cart is placed.
  • Gains Multi-shot with Inaba Illusion Weapon Equipped.