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Nitori Kawashiro
Templo moriya

22 (+2.00)


20 (+2.2)*


18 (+1.8)

Daño 52-58 Armadura 4.0
Veloc de mov 310 Rango de Ataque 128(melee)
Anim de Ataque 0.1/0.33 Anim de Casteo 2.4/0.3
Veloc de Ataque 1.6 Veloc de Misil (?) 0

BTNNitori5.jpg Cucumber cannon magazine (E) (toggle)
Swaps between the primary and secondary inventory for Nitori's cucumber ray.


Motion Physics "Phantasm Booster" (D)
Nitori gains [(current move speed x 160%) + 200] movement speed and can fly over everything. Does damage when flying through enemies. Chance to hit critical for 1.5x damage.
Spirit Cost: 100MP
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14s

Level 1: Boosters last 3.0 seconds.
Level 2: Boosters last 3.5 seconds.
Level 3: Boosters last 4.0 seconds.
Level 4: Boosters last 4.5 seconds.


Optics "Photon Cannon Cucumber.II" (F)
Consumes a cucumber to fire a vertical beam at target, damaging and slowing enemies by 30%. Also damages buildings. Requires cucumbers in second inventory slot.
Range: 2000 (maximum)
Spirit Cost: 50MP
Cooldown: 9/7/5/0s

Level 1: 150 damage
Level 2: 230 damage
Level 3: 310 damage
Level 4: 390 damage


Chemistry "Light Saber Energy Reaction" (R) Passive
Each time Nitori casts a spell, she gains bonus damage and 100% cleave with 300 AoE on her next attack. The bonus damage is always fixed depending on the level of the skill. For every 5 levels Nitori gains, the added damage increases. (Does not stack)

Level 1: Adds 15/22/30/37/45 damage
Level 2: Adds 30/45/60/75/90 damage
Level 3: Adds 45/67/90/112/135 damage
Level 4: Adds 60/90/120/150/180 damage


Machine "Phantasmal Floating Bits of All Weatherkind" (W)
Shooting the special Kappa-engineered "Sky-covering Fantasy Funnels (R)," funnels are distributed at 0.25s, each funnel attack has a 1s cooldown, and the duration is 8 seconds before the funnels return to Nitori. The range of the funnels themselves is 600, attack at 120 degrees and deal 50 damage each. After every 4 or 5 levels the damage of her funnels increase by 5
Cast Range: 800
Spirit Cost: 150/200/250MP
Cooldown: 60s

Level 1: Shoot 2 funnels
Level 2: Shoot 4 funnels
Level 3: Shoot 6 funnels

Nitori's levels for Funnel Damage

Level 6 - 10: Funnel Damage is 55
Level 11 - 14: Funnel Damage is 60
Level 15 - 19: Funnel Damage is 65
Level 20 - 24: Funnel Damage is 70
Level 25 : Funnel Damage is 75

Girl Notes

  • Nitori will not drop items such as the Baby Tengu and Concordia if her Cucumber Cannon Magazine is activated upon death.