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Reisen Udongein Inaba
Templo moriya

19 (+1.6)


24 (+2.5)


17 (+1.5)

Daño 46-54 Armadura 5.3
Veloc de mov 290 Rango de Ataque 600
Anim de Ataque 0.5/0.17 Anim de Casteo 0.01/0.0
Veloc de Ataque 1.7 Veloc de Misil (?) 3500


Lunatic Gaze "Lunatic Stare Tuning (Illusion Seeker)" (D) (active + passive)
Active: Creates instantly 2 copies within 200 radius near Reisen.
Passive: Reisen has 10% chance to create copies. Copies have 1.5% chance to create more copies. Copies take 400% more damage, lasts 10 seconds. Limit of copies is 8.
Spirit Cost: 50/60/70/80MP
Cooldown: 16s

Level 1: Copies have 4% of Reisen's attack.
Level 2: Copies have 7% of Reisen's attack.
Level 3: Copies have 10% of Reisen's attack.
Level 4: Copies have 13% of Reisen's attack.


Lunar Rabbit "Supposed Lunacy (Lunar Rabbit Tranquilizer Bullet)" (F) (active + passive)
Active: Upon activation, Reisen gains 100% chance to do double damage and cause her slow effect on her next attack.
Passive: Reisen's attacks have a 15% chance to cause additional damage and reduce her target's attack and movement speed for 2 seconds. Copies have 2.25% chance to cause this slow effect. If the target is facing Reisen, the chance is doubled.
Spirit Cost: 20/30/40/50MP
Cooldown: 6s

Level 1: Adds 14 pure damage, 12% reduction in attack and movement speed.
Level 2: Adds 21 pure damage, 18% reduction in attack and movement speed.
Level 3: Adds 28 pure damage, 24% reduction in attack and movement speed.
Level 4: Adds 35 pure damage, 30% reduction in attack and movement speed.


Lunar Eyes "Lunar Rabbit Remote Mesmerism (Tele-Mesmerism)"
Increases Reisen's attack range. Maximum range is 740.

Level 1: +35 Attack Range.
Level 2: +75 Attack Range.
Level 3: +105 Attack Range.
Level 4: +140 Attack Range.


"Lunatic Red Eyes" (W)
Reisen's Hypnosis grants 100% chance of creating copies. Allies within area have 1.5 invisibility. Enemies in area have -20% movement speed and -40% accuracy.
Area of Effect: 500
Spirit Cost: 150/200/250MP
Cooldown: 120/100/80s

Level 1: Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2: Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3: Lasts 7 seconds.

Girl Notes

  • Gains Multi-shot with Inaba Illusion Weapon equipped