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Shizuha Aki
Templo moriya

16 (+1.7)


25 (+2.5)*


19 (+1.8)

Daño 47-53 Armadura 3.7
Veloc de mov 300 Rango de Ataque 600
Anim de Ataque 0.85/0.35 Anim de Casteo 0.44/0.4
Veloc de Ataque 1.7 Veloc de Misil (?) 1100


Innate Ability: Honesty Sign "Dim Harvest"
Every time Shizuha levels up, all enemy girls suffer 75 + Level*9 magic damage.

Area of Effect: Global


Wilt Sign "Creeping Wilted Roots" (D)
Summons roots in a small area to entangles enemies and deal damage that walk into it or are in it. Lasts double the time on enemy creeps.
Cast Range: 550
Area of Effect: 175/200/225/250
Spirit cost: 90/105/120/135MP
Cooldown: 14s

Level 1: Lasts for 1 second, 60 damage
Level 2: Lasts for 1.5 second, 100 damage
Level 3: Lasts for 2.0 second, 140 damage
Level 4: Lasts for 2.5 second, 180 damage


Autumn Sign "The Autumn Sky and a Maiden's Sleep" (F)
Puts Shizuha to sleep due to overdose of sake. HP and MP regenerates while asleep. Upon waking up, Shizuha is buffed with increased attack for a short period of time. Target can be woken up.
Cooldown: 60/55/50/45s

Level 1: sleeps for 9 seconds, Heals 200 HP and 150 MP, +6% ATK for 20 seconds
Level 2: sleeps for 8 seconds, Heals 400 HP and 200 MP, +12% base ATK for 20 seconds
Level 3: sleeps for 7 seconds, Heals 600 HP and 250 MP, +18% base ATK for 20 seconds
Level 4: sleeps for 6 seconds, Heals 800 HP and 300 MP, +24% base ATK for 20 seconds


God Sign "Eight Million of the Red Leaf God" (passive)
Increases Shizuha's agility and increases damage on nearby allies.
Area of Effect: 900

Level 1: Agility +10, Allies +4% damage
Level 2: Agility +15, Allies +8 damage
Level 3: Agility +20, Allies +12% damage
Level 4: Agility +25, Allies +16% damage


Leaf Sign "Falling Leaves of Madness" (W)
Shizuha summons a mighty storm of petals at a target location. Petals are summoned every second for a duration of time.
Cast Range: 400
Area of Effect: 1200x1200 square area
Spirit cost: 175/200/225MP
Cooldown: 60s

Level 1: 15 petals per second, 8 second duration. Each petal does 50 damage.
Level 2: 20 petals per second, 11 second duration. Each petal does 65 damage.
Level 3: 25 petals per second, 14 second duration. Each petal does 80 damage.