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Shou Toramaru
Templo moriya

23 (+2.4)*


17 (+1.4)


20 (+2.2)

Daño 54 - 56 Armadura 3.0
Veloc de mov 300 Rango de Ataque 245
Anim de Ataque 1.67 / 0.25 Anim de Casteo 0.567 / 0.42
Veloc de Ataque 1.6 Veloc de Misil (?) 1000


Vajra of Magic
Every 18 seconds, Shou charges one magic pillar, up to a maximum of 6. Her active skills use these pillars and additionally recovers 2.5% of her max hp/mp as health/mana when the skills are used.


Vajra of Perfect Buddhism (D)
Buffs Shou with armour and magic resistance and damage until she attacks once. Lasts 5 seconds. Uses 1 pillar.
Cooldown: 14/12/10/8s

Level 1: 8 bonus armour, 16% additional magic resistance. 120 additional magic damage on first attack.
Level 2: 12 bonus armour, 24% additional magic resistance. 180 additional magic damage on first attack.
Level 3: 16 bonus armour, 32% additional magic resistance. 240 additional magic damage on first attack.
Level 4: 20 bonus armour, 40% additional magic resistance. 300 additional magic damage on first attack.


Purifying Magic (F)
Summons a pillar which deals damage if enemies come close. Pillar last 10 seconds and gives vision around the area. Uses 1 pillar.
Cast range: 450
Activation distance: 90
Damage AoE: 90
Cooldown: 6/5/4/3s
Spirit Cost: 45/60/75/90MP

Level 1: Does 95 magic damage.
Level 2: Does 145 magic damage.
Level 3: Does 195 magic damage.
Level 4: Does 245 magic damage.


Treasure Sign "Dazzling Gold (R)" (Passive)
Last hitting enemy gives additional gold, +1 pillar charge and stuns in area.
Damage AoE: 250

Level 1: Additional bounty of 3 gold, 40 AoE damage and 0.30s stun.
Level 2: Additional bounty of 4.5 gold, 60 AoE damage and 0.50s stun.
Level 3: Additional bounty of 6 gold, 80 AoE damage and 0.70s stun.
Level 4: Additional bounty of 7.5 gold, 100 AoE damage and 0.90s stun.


"Complete Clarification" (W)
Teleports to location, dealing damage and stunning. Uses 1 pillar.
Cast range: 700
Length of pillar: 1100
Area of Effect: 180
Spirit Cost: 300/400/500MP
Cooldown: 120s

Level 1: 250 magic damage and 1.0s stun.
Level 2: 375 magic damage and 1.5s stun.
Level 3: 500 magic damage and 2.0s stun.

Girl Notes

  • None of her skills actually require pillars, they're just used to trigger the HP/MP regen when used
  • Kills from phoenix wings trigger "Dazzling Gold"
  • Gains multi-shot with Inaba Illusion Weapon equipped
  • Shou's manacost for Complete Clarification was changed (in a changelog) to 250/300/350 some versions ago but devs didn't change the manacost in-game