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Suwako Moriya
Templo moriya

20 (+2.0)


20 (+2.0)


20 (+2.0)*

Daño 51-54 Armadura 2.7
Veloc de mov 322 Rango de Ataque 92(melee)
Anim de Ataque 0.2/0.2 Anim de Casteo 0.4/0.5
Veloc de Ataque 1.6 Veloc de Misil (?) 0

Bntskillsuwakoex.png"Moriya's Iron Ring"
Deals (30+INT*1.2) physical damage in a straight line.
Range: 700
AoE: 60
Spirit Cost: 2MP
Cooldown: 4s


Curse God "Mishaguji-sama" (D)
Roots all enemies within 300 range and does damage over time.
Spirit Cost: 80/90/100/110MP
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11s

Level 1: Does 140 damage and roots for 1.4 seconds
Level 2: Does 160 damage and roots for 1.6 seconds
Level 3: Does 180 damage and roots for 1.8 seconds
Level 4: Does 200 damage and roots for 2.0 seconds


Native God “The Red Frog in the Fourth Year of the Houei Era” (F)
Releases several red lightning flashes, dealing damage on enemies. Every lightning flash deals 135 damage.
Cast Range: 400
Spirit Cost: 100/125/150/175MP
Cooldown: 14s

Level 1: 2 lightning flashes, each flash bounces 1 time.
Level 2: 2 lightning flashes, each flash bounces 3 times.
Level 3: 4 lightning flashes, each flash bounces 3 times.
Level 4: 4 lightning flashes, each flash bounces 5 times.


Native God “Kero-chan Braves the Elements” (R)
Activates a magic shield, which absorbs damage using spirit. Absorbs 65% of total damage dealt.
Activation skill
Spirit Cost: 25MP
Cooldown: 5s

Level 1: Each point of MP absorbs 1.0 damage.
Level 2: Each point of MP absorbs 1.5 damage.
Level 3: Each point of MP absorbs 2.0 damage.
Level 4: Each point of MP absorbs 2.5 damage.


Native God “Gushing Spring of the Ancient” (W)
Lifts all enemy girls up into the air with earthquake dealing damage and stunning them for a period of time.
Spirit Cost: 200/225/250MP
Cooldown: 100/80/60s

Level 1: Does 100 damage and stuns for 1.0 second
Level 2: Does 175 damage and stuns for 1.5 second
Level 3: Does 250 damage and stuns for 2.0 second

Girl Notes

  • “Kero-chan Braves the Elements” activation/deactivation will not create a bento charge
  • "Moriya's Iron Ring" flies out in a straight line and is affect by armour