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Tewi Inaba
Templo moriya

10 (+1.0)


25 (+2.5)*


25 (+2.5)

Daño 46-51 Armadura 2.5
Veloc de mov 300 Rango de Ataque 600
Anim de Ataque 0.84/0.33 Anim de Casteo 0.1/0.3
Veloc de Ataque 1.7 Veloc de Misil (?) 10000


Innate Ability: Fortune Sign "Focused Luck"
Passively increases attack speed by 20% and doubles Tewi's and all her allies' chances of obtaining runes with positive effects.


Cunning Rabbit "Ancient Duper" (D)
Places a fake power/point item at Tewi's location. When enemy girls are in 125 range, they explode and stun. Shooting the item detonates it as well, or if you pick it up yourself. The bomb is marked by a red box for allies. When Tewi dies she deals damage double the damage of this skill and stuns enemies near by. The bomb stays for 240 seconds.
Cast Range: Tewi
Area of Effect: 250
Spirit cost: 50/60/70/80MP
Cooldown: 10s

Level 1: Does 75 damage and stuns for 0.50s
Level 2: Does 150 damage and stuns for 1.00s
Level 3: Does 225 damage and stuns for 1.50s
Level 4: Does 300 damage and stuns for 2.00s


Rabbit Sign "Great Fortune Crest" (F)
Gives Tewi the 'Lucky Orb' effect. Her attacks cause extra physical damage based on the distance between her and the target and has a 15% chance at all levels to deal 200% damage and stun briefly. If the target's back is facing Tewi, this chance is increased to 100%.
Right click to auto-cast
Cast Range: 600
Spirit cost: 20/22/24/26 MP
Damage formula:

Level 1: Does 3% of (Enemy max HP x Attack Distance / 600) damage
Level 2: Does 4% of (Enemy max HP x Attack Distance / 600) damage
Level 3: Does 5% of (Enemy max HP x Attack Distance / 600) damage
Level 4: Does 6% of (Enemy max HP x Attack Distance / 600) damage

Does not stack with other orbs.


Runaway Rabbit "Fluster Escape" (R)
Tewi's regular attacks cause her to displace her backwards for a specific distance and reduces the armour of enemies she attacks. Armour down effect lasts 3 seconds.
Spirit Cost: 80MP
Cooldown 15s

Level 1: -2 armor
Level 2: -4 armor
Level 3: -6 armor
Level 4: -8 armor


"Lucky Inaba" (W)
Grants Tewi an aura that gives her allies and her a 40% chance to deal a percentage of additional damage and a 40% chance to reduce a percentage of incoming damage.

Area of effect: 900

Level 1: 13.3% additional damage and 13.3% of incoming damage is blocked.
Level 2: 26.7% additional damage and 26.7% of incoming damage is blocked.
Level 3: 40.0% additional damage and 40.0% of incoming damage is blocked.

Girl Notes

  • Tewi's fake power item created by Cunning Rabbit "Ancient Duper" has the name "Power" slightly off to the left compared to real power items.
  • Gains an Area of effect attack with Inaba Illusion Weapon equipped.