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Yuuka Kazami
Templo moriya

24 (+3.0)*


21 (+1.5)


15 (+1.5)

Daño 52-57 Armadura 4.4
Veloc de mov 300 Rango de Ataque 140(melee)
Anim de Ataque 0.4/0.35 Anim de Casteo 0.2/0.45
Veloc de Ataque 1.6 Veloc de Misil (?) 0

BTNYuka5.jpg Flower Seed "Seeding , Flowering" (E)
Plants a sunflower beside Yuuka. In the day, sunflowers heal allies while at night, they become invisible. Every level that Yuuka gains increases her sunflowers' HP by 15, attack by 1 and attack speed by 2%. Every sunflower planted increases Yuuka's attack by 5.

Sunflower statistics
Base health: 180
Base armour: 2
Base attack: 14 - 17
Attack range: 500
Base cooldown: 2.25

Spirit Cost: 20MP
Cooldown: 4s

Up to a maximum of 5 sunflowers may be planted with this skill.
This limit does not include sunflowers planted by Yuuka's other skills.


"Flower Sign "Moon Shadow, Flower Circle" (D)
Summons a ring of flowers around Yuuka with limited lifetime.
Area of Effect: 125/150/175/200
Spirit Cost: 90/100/110/120MP
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12s

Level 1: Last 2.0s
Level 2: Last 2.8s
Level 3: Last 3.6s
Level 4: Last 4.4s


Falling Petal "Gravity Pull, Assault Umbrella" (F)
Sends a line of fast growing flowers towards the target. Target receives damage and is stunned for 1.5 seconds. Flowers last 4 seconds.
Cast Range: 300/400/500/600
Spirit Cost: 100MP
Coooldown: 15s

Level 1: Does 100 damage.
Level 2: Does 150 damage.
Level 3: Does 200 damage.
Level 4: Does 250 damage.


Flower Field "Sunlight, Watering" (R)
Buffs an area with sunlight for 12 seconds, increasing attack speed of flowers and Yuuka's HP regen.
Cast Range: 800
Area of Effect: 800
Spirit Cost: 55/70/85/100MP
Cooldown: 18s

Level 1: HP regen +5/s, Atk speed: +15%
Level 2: HP regen +10/s, Atk speed: +30%
Level 3: HP regen +15/s, Atk speed: +45%
Level 4: HP regen +20/s, Atk speed: +60%


Phantasm "Beauty of Nature" (W)
Turns a flower into a mirror image which can be freely controlled. Mirror image has similar combat abilities as the original. When Yuuka casts 「Flower field」 or 「Flower Stun」 her mirror image will do the same. True sight abilities do not reveal the real Yuuka.
Cast Range: 700
Spirit Cost: 200/250/300MP
Cooldown: 120/105/90s

Level 1: Mirror image lasts 20.0 seconds
Level 2: Mirror image lasts 25.0 seconds
Level 3: Mirror image lasts 30.0 seconds