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Hina Kagiyama
Templo moriya

18 (+2.1)


17 (+1.5)


25 (+2.4)*

Daño 42-48 Armadura 2.3
Veloc de mov 300 Rango de Ataque 500
Anim de Ataque 0.65/0.1 Anim de Casteo 0.78/0.3
Veloc de Ataque 1.7 Veloc de Misil (?) 1200


Wound Sign "Exiled Doll" (D)
Summons dolls to take damage for an allied target. Any damage or negative buffs are sent to any 1 of the dolls until destroyed. When the doll is destroyed, damage is moved to another doll. Exiled Dolls have 90HP, 100 Movement Speed and lasts 16 seconds.
Cast Range: 400
Spirit Cost: 75/100/125/150MP
Cooldown: 9s

Level 1: Creates 3 Dolls.
Level 2: Creates 4 Dolls.
Level 3: Creates 5 Dolls.
Level 4: Creates 6 Dolls.


Wound Sign "Pain Flow" (F)
Links a maximum of 5 random enemies’ destiny together with a Curse, when any one of the target is damaged, all other linked units will received some of the damage. Lasts 20 seconds.
Cast Range: 600
Spirit Cost: 100MP
Cooldown: 25s

Level 1: All other enemies receive 7% of damage received by any enemy.
Level 2: All other enemies receive 14% of damage received by any enemy.
Level 3: All other enemies receive 21% of damage received by any enemy.
Level 4: All other enemies receive 28% of damage received by any enemy.


Flawed Sign "Broken Amulet" (R)
Curses the target to receive more damage.
Cast Range: 700
Spirit Cost: 85MP
Cooldown: 13s
Duration: 6s

Level 1: Receives 20% more damage.
Level 2: Receives 30% more damage.
Level 3: Receives 40% more damage.
Level 4: Receives 50% more damage.


Cursed Field "Purification River Deposit" (W)
Absorbs all debuffs and damage in area which is turned into equivalent area damage when Hina stops spinning. Each negative buff gives 20 damage. As a result of spinning too fast, Hina becomes immobilized for 3 seconds. If Hina dies while spinning, the absorbed misfortune is released.
Channelling: 7 seconds of spinning.
Area of Effect: 650
Spirit Cost: 150/200/250 MP
Cooldown: 125s

Level 1: Repels 40% damage for nearby allies. Stuns enemies for 1.5s.
Level 2: Repels 50% damage for nearby allies. Stuns enemies for 2s.
Level 3: Repels 60% damage for nearby allies. Stuns enemies for 2.5s.

Girl Notes

  • Hina's 'Wound Sign "Exile Doll"' does not block damage properly if the target is at full HP; both dolls and the buffed target take damage. For example, Hina uses D on herself and is hit by a lvl4 Spear the Gungnir at max HP. Hina takes 400 damage, and 400HP worth of dolls die.
  • Hina's Cursed Field "Purification River Deposit" damage can't be amplified by Hakkero.